Friday, 8 January 2021

$71, 145 Dividends in 2020 and General Musings about 2021

Hello there, my lovely investor friends!

2021 is well and truly underway, but the dust from last year is yet to settle. 


More like radioactive air particles!

As investors, 2020 was like pushing an aging accelerator button. 

My God, I even found a grey hair! What's all that about, eh?

There was much collective glass clinking and deep breathing on New Years Eve, and reading comments online it was clear that most people believed 2021 is going to be this new shiny, hassle free year, one in which the anxieties and fears of the previous twelve months will suddenly evaporate like a steam from a boiling kettle. 

Alas... I fear this is not to be. 

We find ourselves living - and investing - in strange times. 

I won't go through the long list of macro issues that keep us all up and night, but it's fair to say the uncertainty and nail- biting will continue for the foreseeable future.

But, this said, show me a period in history when investors have been able to sit back and chill without a care in the world. 

Yes, indeed. 

This time has never existed. 

Fear and news of imminent doom have been etched in the investor brain since forever. However, the difference now is the access to information we all have at our fingertips. 

Social media, financial blogs, 24 financial news etc. flood out world with a continual deluge of information which leaves even the most avid reader feeling like a deflated party balloon. 

Just how can we all keep up? 

Newsflash! We can't. 

But hey, we can't know everything, can we? 

No, of course we can't. 

I'm sure we could all make a Youtube video about some topic that would make others think...

"This guy's a genius!"

But most of us have better things to do than chase the algorithmic dragon on a daily basis.

I swear the next person to say, "If you like this video, smash the like button" needs a rabbit punch in the kidneys for being a fucking boring automaton. 

Massive yawn! 

So, without risking this status myself, here's some info about my portfolio as it stands on 9-1-21.

Total dividend received in 2020: $71, 145

Significant buys in 2020: Berkshire Hath B; Alibaba

As you can see from the above, I'm primarily a dividend investor - well this is how I started out five years ago. 

Also, as you can see from my significant buys in 2020, I've started buying what I deem to be long term growth stocks.

Why Berkshire Hath B I hear you ask?

Well, I'm not one of these folks who chases the next big thing. I want exposure to the Yank market, but I don't want to do this through an ETF, so what's the next best thing to catch the upside of US growth in the long term? 

Yes, Buffet's baby is where it's at.

Of course, I hear some say...

"But what about Berkshire after Buffet?" etc. etc.

Look, dive a little deeper into the financials of the company and do your own evaluation, and you will find a financial beast, protected my a massive moat with one of the most ethical and trustworthy company cultures on the planet.  

Also, I made a big bet at $212 which according to my shitty math is well below its intrinsic value.

Next, I hear you scream...

" Why the hell Alibaba at this time!"

Yes, I know Jack Ma might be inside an Iron Maiden somewhere underground in Beijing; also, I'm well ware that he has pissed the Chinese and US governments concurrently. 

That said, I made a big bet at around $ 213 on the Hing Kong exchange, and like Berkshire B, this is a massive discount to its intrinsic value.

Now, don't get me wrong here. I'm well aware Alibaba is going to get a few slaps in the near term, and this will lean to price volatility in the short to medium term. 

However, I see this as offering up more buying opportunities for a great company with, again like Buffet's baby, a moat so big you could sail a cruise liner in it.

Thus, with these words I'll leave you. If you have any comments leave below, and I'll be more than happy to have a wee chat.

All for now party people.


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