Saturday, 15 June 2019

Preparing for market crash - gold and Bitcoin?

Hands up if you think global markets are going to crash in the next 12 months?

If been trying to keep my emotions in check with regard to this, but I can't help noticing an ever darkening cloud overhead.

What's one to do then? Sell and run to the hills? Load up on gold? Admit yourself to a mental hospital and ride the wave?

Who the hell knows eh?

To be honest, I've been deliberating making 10% of my portfolio gold. I joke you not. For me, it's more about hedging and protecting my cash which is in a currency I'd rather not reveal.

I know gold doesn't pay a dividend and you have to pay for storage etc. but I still feel that when the shit hits the fan and there's blood in the alleyways, it'll be the gold holders smiling and sleeping comfortably, while everyone else goes grey and drinks vodka by the pint glass.

What do you think then folks? To gold or not to gold - that is the question.

I've even been thinking of putting about 1% of my portfolio in Bitcoin as well.

Here's why...

OK, so right now the majority of the world's wealth is in the hands of the Baby-Boomers, and all the way through their investing careers they heard the same thesis: when the markets crash - hold gold. Agreed? Yes, it's true. That said, think ahead...

Once all the wealth begins to transfer from the Baby-Boomers to Gen X and eventually the Millennials, we are going to see something new. The Millennial especially have grown up with Cryptos being the norm, and for many of them Cryptos are the true alternative to cash. Thus, where to you think these newly cashed up people will turn in 15 years time when a crash threatens the markets? Gold? No way! Gold will be for old folk!

So, I think there's a clear case for buying up a small proportion of Bitcoin and holding it for a couple of decades.

As for now though, I think 10% of the portfolio in gold is the way to go.

What do you all think?


  1. Why not treasuries via etf ?

  2. Curious, how do one invest in gold and bitcoin. Helpful if you can elaborate.

  3. How about Silver a cheaper alternative to Gold but with more potential to appreciate in value?

  4. Mich, thanks for the comment. I would only invest in gold cheaply. Check out Granite Shares or SPDR Gold ETF for cost effective ways to get exposure to gold. I would stay away from physical gold as it is a pain to store safely.

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