Monday, 26 October 2020

Morning Musings 27-10-20

Good morning to you all. I trust you are well, where ever you are. Allow me to ramble if you will. 

I've just got back form a run and feel great. Nothing beats exercise in the morning for setting you up for the day. It's a happy drug for sure. All those endorphins swirling around for half the day, energising the mind and body. I'm a big fan. Weekly, I'll run 5k on a Monday and Friday. Then I go trail running on a Saturday for about 6/7k. In the past I ran lots more than this, but I find around 20k per week to be the optimal distance for extracting the maximum benefits, while minimising the chance of injury. Well, this works for me anyway. On top of this, I do a 1 minute plank every day as this keeps the core and lower back in good shape as I march on into my 40s (Yikes!)  

Channel News Asia on Youtube is my go to for 20 minutes live news on all things Singapore and in SE Asia. While watching this, I down two coffees (no sugar) and read the latest articles from The Edge (currently a subscriber) 

Lately, I've also been flirting with the idea of doing some sort of academic course online (under duress from my wife) But I really haven't a clue which one to do. The net is awash with people trying to sell this course and that and most of them look rather generic and cover information I already know. Can any of you recommend an advanced investing course? (paid or free) Usually, I find myself flicking through various Youtube channels procrastinating and getting more and more frustrated. Please let me know any good investing channels you know and use. I need some guidance on this ASAP.

Once I've exercised, watched the news, read and Youtubed, I'll usually take a look at my portfolio and watchlist to see if there are any opportunities on the day ahead. Being a long term buy and hold dividend and growth investor, I look to see if any of the companies I'm watching are trading at or below there intrinsic value. If so, I'll dig deeper into one and decide if it's time to invest. Presently, opportunities are few and far between for long term growth with US stocks trading at silly highs despite Corona, US/China relations, US election etc. etc. Only a few companies buck this trend that I can see. Namely, Berkshire B and Bank of America. 

Recently, I bought a big whack of Berkshire B at $212, for I feel this is decent value all factors considered. Also, with the conglomerate owning a proportion of BOA you get less over all downside risk. Berkshire offers up a tasty conglomerate discount as well which is attractive. Moreover, certain parts of the Berkshire portfolio look incredible moving forward. I'm thinking here of their railroad which has amazing potential over the long term.

Please share yours in the comment below as I'm always fascinated to know what my fellow human being are doing to feel good and stay sharp. Also, what's on your watchlist at the moment?

All the best and have a good one.

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Morning Musings 27-10-20