Saturday, 6 April 2019

Singapore Dividends for Financial Freedom - My Singapore Dividend Portfolio 7-4-19

Morning folks. How are you all doing?

As a break from the usual ramblings, here's a look at my latest portfolio size:

My top 5 holdings are...

1. FIRST REIT at $171,000

2. Fraser Com Trust at $122,000

3. Ascendas at $113,000

4. ThaiBev at $97,000

5. Keppel DC REIT at 53,000 THB

So, with the market moving upwards in the first quarter, my portfolio is edging ever closer to the 1 million dollar mark.

I'm in two minds what to do with FIRST. Thinking of selling of some, but then again I've a feeling it'll weather the storm.

All for now. Have a great day.


  1. Hi SG dividend collector,

    Why do you think First REIT will weather the storm?

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  3. Mr Lama, I think its sponsor has enough property to sell to see FIRST through any tough times. Also, I still feel FIRST has a strength in dept in its portfolio that will be just fine in the long term.

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