Saturday, 18 August 2018

19th August 2018 - Singapore Dividend Portfolio

Singapore Portfolio 2018
Counters%Market Price $
Keppel DC REIT7.00%1.38
AimAMP Cap REIT3.00%1.39
Ascendas REIT14.00%2.72
First REIT9.00%1.28
CapitaMall Trust4.00%2.21
Accordia Golf Trust4.00%0.57
Capita Com Trust3.00%1.75
Acenndas H Trust5.00%0.8
Fraser Com Trust14.00%1.39
Global Investments1.00%0.136
Keppel Corp1.00%6.64
Kingsmen Creative1.40%0.54
Sheng Siong5.00%1.09
Nikko AM STI ETF2%3.32

The portfolio has taken a bit of battering in 2018 so far with Singtel, Starhub and Thaibev suffering. This doesn't bother me much as I'm in the game for the long haul. 

Thaibev in particular tumbled over 10% in the last week, making it rather attractive at $0.645. I have faith in this counter in the run run especially with their recent acquisitions in Vietnam (Sabeco) and in Thailand (KFC) For sure, Thaibev have a lot of debt on the balance sheet, but this will translate into big returns in the not to distant future. Thus, with all my juicy August dividends I might just crack open and other Chang and purchase some more of this counter.

Singtel as well looks tempting at $3.11 and a yield of 5.52% 

I will continue to do as I have always done: Re-invest all dividends in $10,000 blocks and ignore all noise from the market. Nothing fancy, nothing technical. Come on early retirement! 

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  1. Solid portfolio! can retire soon lah!

  2. Hi there, My Investment Machine. Thanks for the comment. Drop in and say hello anytime. Onward!

  3. Hi, could I ask what is your age (you can give a range if you prefer not to reveal the exact)? It seems like you're heavily invested into real estate (65% of your portfolio are in various REITS) - although I understand that the yields are attractive (I too have money in AREITS and Frasers Com Trust), are you not worried about being overly exposed to one kind of asset class?

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