Wednesday, 25 July 2018

Singapore Investment Blogs I Follow

Singapore Investment Blogs = a bigger brain

I read tons of Singapore investment blogs and enjoy them immensely. If I may I like to give a shout out to three of my favorites:


AK- 47 is a down-to-Earth income investor with his finger on the pulse of what going on the SGX. Since I started investing, I've appreciated his honestly and succinct analysis. I value his opinion highly.


3fs is another investor who shines bright in the blog world. He gives timely, detailed blogs analyzing and speculating. He knows his stuff and makes some dam fine picks.


This blogger interests me too. I love his kamikaze REIT approach and hats off to anyone making $3800 a month in passive income.

Of course, there are loads more cool Singapore investment blogs out there, but I find the three above are the one that give me the most pleasure. For that, I thank you.

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