Saturday, 28 September 2019

Singapore Dividends for Financial Freedom - Portfolio Over $1,000,000 with the help of Trusts and REITS

From Yahoo Finance

The market has been kind to the Trusts and REITs in my portfolio this year with all of them doing nicely. Here's a breakdown:

AIMS APAC = up 8%
Ascendas = up 24%
Ascendas H Trust = up 27%
Ascott = up 20%
Cap Com = up 26%
Cap Mall = up 33%
Fraser Com = up 16%
Keppel DC = up 98%

Here are the Trusts and REITs in my portfolio not doing do well...

Accordia Golf Trust = down 18%
First REIT = down 6%

Overall, the portfolio now stands at $ with the help of the above counters.

Other counters are doing OK too. Here are some notable mentions:

SATS = up 43%
SGX = up 26%
Sheng Shong = up 24%
Thaibev = up 10%
Wilmar = up 15%

And here are the counters not doing so well...

Keppel - down 30%
Global Investments = down 6%
Kingsman = down 20%
Singpost = down 34%
Singtel = down 20%
Starhub = down 63%!!!!

So as you can see, the portfolio is a mixed bad really. Overall, though as an income investor I'm happy enough. Should be generating close to $40,000 in dividends in 2019.

With the long awaiting crash not a million miles away, I'm going to sit tight and keep reinventing my dividends and let compounding do its thing.

All for now. Have a good day.

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