Monday, 17 December 2018

Singapore Dividends for Financial Freedom - Total Dividend Income for 2018

As we fast approach the end of 2018, it's time for balancing the books, counting the pennies and thinking about how we can make 2019 even bigger and better.

But most importantly of all it's time to tot up my dividends for 2018!!!! Yeah!!

Equities around the world have been beaten and bruised and according to all forecasts 2019 mightn't be much better. Bah! 

That said, my disposition is much to optimistic to get cast into the doldrums over this prediction or that. In fact, the longer I invest and converse with others like me, I think many of us would benefit with a little less stress, a lot of sleep and a sliver of silliness once in a while. Loosen up you shower of misery guts! Life is for living!

So, without further ado I would like to present my total dividends received for 2018:

This is a big jump from my 2017 total of $23,197

That's a 63% increase for the year which is fine by me.

Just to give you an idea of where the dividend total has come from, have a look at the following figures:

2015: $1097
2016: $12,713
2017: $23,197
2018: $37,034

As you can see I've been very aggressive since the beginning and this will continue into the foreseeable future. My investing goal is income so this is where my focus will remain.
How about everyone else in the dividend community? How has 2018 treated you?

More soon...

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  1. Wow ! Congrats for having such huge increased in your 2018 dividend vs 2017 !!
    Hope could have the same rate of increase in 2019 :D
    Cheers !!

  2. Thanks for the support STE! Let's make 2019 even bigger and better!

  3. Hi SDC,

    Nicely done! Congrats!

    Do keep up the humanities/arts-themed posts. I love them :D

  4. Thanks Unintelligent Nerd. I post at least once every week so keep tuning in! Have a great day!