Sunday, 2 September 2018

Singapore Dividends for Financial Freedom - My Story 3

Are you in control?

OK, then here we go. Welcome to the third installment of Singapore Dividends for Financial Freedom - My Story. I hope you'll allow me the space to think out loud, for I find typing frantically is like letting the air out of a balloon. Psssssssit! There we go. Didn't that feel good?

With our lives filled with ever more distraction and responsibilities, it cool to type a few words in a carefree fashion and offer to the world an honest opinion. Honestly, if no one reads this blog, I don't care. For me it is an exercise in mental tomfoolery, a way to keep my cluttered head from exploding.

What with Facebook, Line, Whatsapp, email bla bla bla, we've become slaves to technology. Watch how people react when their phone receives a message.

Ding dong! says Line.

The individual jumps like they've been bitten by an wasp. The initial freakish jerk is followed by an uncomfortable wriggling and then they rub the effected area, soothingly, softly, slowly. Oh, the relief! Shit! Another email from an Indian CEO company.

It could have been a message containing details of how I could become the new Warren Buffet, or even how by deciphering some ancient hieroglyphics I could learn the mysteries of alchemy or the Turin Shroud. But, oh no. Just more nonsense. Delete.

But my goodness, it's so tempting, isn't it? You just have to look. Another message teasing me, flirting like some Persian temptress.

Ding Ding! goes its calling call, filling my brain with lovely dopamine. Oh lovely dopamine!

Anyway, I'm not going to get preachy in this blog. Its your life and what you do with your free time is none of my business. But a little voice inside my head tell me that very soon there may be a backlash against the intrusiveness of instant messaging. Little by little we are realizing the little computer in our pocket, the little rectangle of metal and plastic is stealing from us important down time. With each Ding Dong! we are snatched from the present moment and forced to engage in the online world. Personally speaking, I'd rather not. I like ME time. But anyway...

I'm aware my blog does not have the expertise of Financial Horse or the precision of Forever Financial Freedom but I hope my words can offer someone, somewhere a little something. Honestly, I'm not sure what this could be, but my aim is to share with you my passion and love of the Singaporean stock market and its businesses.

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