Monday, 27 August 2018

Singapore Dividends for Financial Freedom - My Story 2

Nice time machine, eh?

Let's jump in a time machine and go back to 2015. As we step away from the silver metal and roaring light, a few facts begin to become clear.

1. I'm a man in my mid thirties with as much financial know how as a leather football.
2. I'm comfortable wallowing in this ignorance.
3. I'm no more interested in investing than reading a Swahili language textbook.
4. I believe myself to be smart and on top of things financially when really I haven't a clue.
5. I drift from week to week procrastinating and dithering around as if tomorrow will never come.

Now, you may ask, my dear readers, who or what gave me the necessary jolt to awake me from my financial slumbers? Like most men, correct me if I am wrong here fellas... Like most men, I received some harsh words from a very special woman, who for now shall be named Mrs. X.

Mrs. X, this most mysterious and intellectually astute of females, finally started questioning a few things around the house. Namely, why does all the money we earn sit in a bank account getting less than 1% interest when the rate of inflation is considerably more. That means, Mrs. X told me with some venom, that our hard earned cash loses money over time sitting in the bank. For a man with zero interests or opinions on the nuances of the financial world, this fact hit me like a rabbit punch in the kidneys. Why did I never think of this before? How could I have avoided something so simple yet obvious for so long?

Armed with this knowledge, I recoiled in embarrassed horror to my bedroom. Suddenly, my life, albeit relatively successful up to this point, felt like it missing something. This was the elephant in the room that cliched contemporary political commentators waffle on about. My head spun and I could not hide my embarrassment. I had allowed a decent sum of cash to lie dormant in a bank account for years doing nothing. How could I let our hard earned money do squat? It was time to take action.

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